Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jess Buckley

Sorry for the lengthy absence and no new work, but life got in the way of blogging!

Way back in October, a lovely blogger called Jess Buckley got in touch with me about doing an art trade, something I had never done before. I agreed to create a portrait of Jess herself and she agreed to create me a portrait of one of my favourite female singers (I gave a few names so the outcome would be a surprise!)

A few days ago, we finally got around to swapping and here is the portrait that Jess did for me...

It is of course the wonderful Lady Gaga and i love the use of colour and texture Jess used. Here is the portrait i did for Jess...

I really had fun doing this art swap and would definitely be up for doing another, so get in touch if anyone's interested!

Make sure you check out Jess' blog here which is full of great posts and photographs of her exploits