Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Following on from my previous illustration, I had the fantastic opportunity of working with Tajinder Hayer of again. This time it was for an illustration to accompany an article he was writing for the online lifestyle magazine,

The article was all about first date fashion and my work was used to illustrate the 'casual look.'

My illustration for 'What to wear on a first date' for

I'm sure you'll agree that the article is written beautifully and that both mine (if i do say so myself) and illustrator Clare Neild's work goes alongside the article perfectly. I just want to personally thank Tajinder for  reaching out to various illustrators and helping them to promote their individual styles. It's a refreshing change to see illustration used in conjunction with photography for styling and i applaud him for it!

Make sure to check out Tajinder's blog here, where you can find the various articles he has written, alongside his own gorgeous fashion choices here